Sustainability through green investments and innovation.

The Sudreim Claim

Held along one of Norways most powerful and influential clans during the late middle ages the Sudreim Claim was an entitlement for the noble Sudreim-Bjarkoy-Giske family. When the Sverre dynasty went extinct in the early 14th century, Ingeborg Haakonsdatter received recognized rights of succession to the Kingdom of Norway. However in the eventuality of her line dying out, the crowning rights would go to King Haakon's illegitimate daughter, Agnes Haakonsdatter. This was known as the Sudreim Claim. Suðrheimr is old Norse for "South Home" and our hometown Sørum and Sørums coat-of-arms is derived from the once powerful Sudrheim.

Our Company

Sudrheim Gruppen is a family owned investment company located in Viken, Norway. We specialize in development, construction and sales of both residential and commercial buildings. Sudrheim Gruppen also owns and operates hotels. We are majority owners of MSG Aviation, that specializes in green and sustainable aviation support systems.

Sustainability & CSR

With multiple local partners such as Raet national park and Sjøørret Sørlandet we are working to help preserve nature and wildlife. By using local short traveled food and seaweed from our back yard (literally) we hope to reduce our environmental impact while helping local business. Through MSG we reduce our environmental footprint through automated de-icing and recycled glycol, and support local communities through charitable donations and hiring practices.

Past projects

Our team has worked on a range of developments, from residential and commercial properties to large-scale mixed-use projects. We are committed to delivering high-quality results that create value for our investors and positively impact the communities we serve. To learn more about our past projects and see examples of our work, visit our Projects page.


Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With deep expertise in Norwegian real estate, finance, property management, and development, we work collaboratively to identify unique investment opportunities and create value for our investors.

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